• 5 Must-Have Winter Essentials


    Winter fashion doesn't have to be bulky and frumpy. Here are 5 winter essentials you can add to your existing closet to stay chic, comfy and cozy all winter long!

    1. Turtlenecks

    Although turtlenecks may have gotten a bad rep in the past, this versatile piece is the essential layering piece to keeping you snug all season. Spice up sweater weather with this ultimate wardrobe staple!

    2. Faux Fur

    Faux fur is the cruelty-free statement piece that adds that effortless flare to any outfit with its ultra fun, ultra plush, and ultra glam style. If you have yet to add a favourite winter jacket to your closet, consider getting yourself a faux fur jacket or coat. For a more subtle take, swap in some furry accessories to your look to easily style this trend from day to night.

    Teddy Bear Coat With Lapels
    Two-Tone Faux Fur Scarf

    Fur Ball And Pearl Long Earrings

    3. Velvet

    Velvet's elegant natural sheen and luxurious feel makes it the perfect holiday go-to. Its lasting durability and coziness is undeniable hence it wins the hearts of trendsetters worldwide expanding its reach from dresses to pants, coats, and jewelry. Super chic and fancy!

    Velvet Ribbon Earrings

    Velvet Button Earrings

    4. Checker Print

    From blazers, trousers, skirts, and bags, you've seen this design everywhere. Checkers have been one of biggest trends this year, and it's not stopping any time soon. Move into winter with a classic checkered midi skirt or achieve a retro vintage look with a patterned pantsuit to give you that straight elegant silhouette.

    Checker Midi Skirt With Buttons

    5. Statement Jewelry

    Elevate and add a little extra sparkle to your look this winter with bold and colourful pieces. Whether its minimal and delicate earrings, sophisticated rhinestones that bedazzle at night, or multi-coloured dangly crystal earrings, they are the perfect finishing touch to having an outstanding winter wardrobe.

    Mini Pearls Circle Earrings
    Metal Ribbon Long Earrings
    Rhinestone Bar Long Earrings
    Crystals And Bar Long Earrings

    Now you're all set to become a fashion inspiration and style icon. Rock this season, fellow Couturist!

    Posted by Liana Huang