We've fulfilled our promise to you, fellow Couturists - more Pop Up Shops!

Our 2nd time around, we chose to set up in the heart of Yaletown in downtown Vancouver and share a smartly designed raw juice and smoothie bar with Krokodile Pear. Krokodile Pear has one of the most sophisticated and elegant interiors we've ever come across. Their use of bold graphics and modern furnishings blend well with our fashion and style - the 3C's: Contemporary, Chic and Comfortable.

Couturist timed this event in conjunction with our Summer Sale and for the event, we gave an exclusive 20% off the entire store! You ask why we're doing this? We tell you 'Because you're worth it!' Gives you a reason to NOT MISS OUT next time!


Mannequin Polly in: Denim Jacket, V-Neck Floral Romper by The Fifth Label + Mini DELT Bodychain by The Pi Collection


Polly in: Half United Graphic Tank (pre-order here) by Half United, Blue Jangle Shorts by Pistola Denim, V-Neck Varsity Sweater by J.O.A. + The Triple Stack by Half United


Half United Graphic Tee by Half United + Bobby Baggy Boyfriend by Pistola Denim


 Clockwise from Top Left: PARA LINKS Necklace, Mini TRI LariatsMini HEX BraceletsMini QUAD Lariats, HEX Bangles by The Pi Collection 


Molly(left): Check Knit Sweater (pre-order here) by State of Being.

Holly(right): Round Neck A-Line Dress by J.O.A. + The Kenny Necklace by Half United


Last but not least ---

BIG BIG THANKS to all of you amazing people. You not only put in the time, effort and money, you also advertised and encouraged your friends to come to our pop up event!! You are so supportive of our work and our passion and this gives us an even stronger drive to move forward and be better! Thank you!

We are all Couturists

'Til next time! 


- Couturist 



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