5 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends of 2019

Fashion’s latest spring and summer obsessions are here. Want to know what to wear? We’ve got you covered as we round up the top 5 trends of the SS19 season just for you!


1. Saturated Colours

Bigger, bolder, better! T’is the season of Starburst colours. From runway’s bright and cheery Golden Yellow to the trendsetting statement-making Bold Green. You can’t go wrong with a bright, bold shade off the colour wheel. Saturated colours pair up with softer hues amazingly. Just take a peek at our looks below!

Bold Green


Get the Look: Top Raise The Rose Crop Tee | Skirt Knit Stripe Pleated Maxi Skirt


Golden Yellow


Get the Look: Skirt Fishtail Midi Skirt With Side Slit | Sweater Oversized Thin Knit Sweater



Get the Look: Blazer Solid Color Oversized Blazer | Dress (Similar) Lost + Wander Front Tie Lace Trim Midi Dress | Bag Croc Embossed Mini Box


2. Live Coral: Pantone Colour of 2019

The “it” colour of the year is nothing other the soft and edgy colour of CoralIts warm and vibrant colour is perfect for anyone looking for a playful expression on their wardrobe.We love Coral’s feature in our Color Block Pleated Maxi Skirt. Pair it with an Oversized Denim Jacket With Back Print and you’ve got a jaw-dropping look.



Get the Look: Top Oversized Denim Jacket With Back Print | Skirt Color Block Pleated Maxi Skirt


3. Ruffles

Ruffles’ frilly, delicate, and dainty aesthetic is making a comeback for 2019. Ruffles are super versatile - they work wonders with fine tulle skirts, balloon sleeves, ruffled trousers, and volume dresses. Add a pair of low pointy heels or attitude boots to make it work for everyday wear.


Get the Look: Top Chiffon V-Neck Cross Ruffle Blouse | Skirt Asymmetrical Dot Tulle Maxi Skirt | Bag Drawstring Bucket Bag



Get the Look: Top Chiffon V-Neck Cross Ruffle Blouse | Skirt Layered Tulle And Lace A-Line Skirt | Bag Cross Handle Mini Purse


Get the Look: Top High Neck Lace Pattern Chiffon Blouse | Skirt Asymmetrical Ruffle Denim Skirt | Bag Drawstring Bucket Bag


4. Lavender Tones

Light purple has proven to be a flattering feminine colour that adds a lovely touch to looks. Last year Ultra Violet was Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year. Its sister shade, Lavender will be seen in several clothing pieces in 2019 as trendsetters take on a softer and warmer alternative.


Get the Look: Top Floral Wrap Around Chiffon Top | Skirt Asymmetrical Dot Tulle Maxi Skirt



Get the Look: Top High Neck Lace Pattern Chiffon Blouse | Dress (Similar) Front Tie Lace Trim Midi Dress


5. Oversized

Oversized silhouettes have been all the craze lately due to its comforting cut and shape. It continues to be the upcoming SS19 season’s street trend of choice. Try the look yourself if you’re ready to embrace a more relaxed yet rule-breaking vibe. Grab an Oversized Shirt Dress With Waist Belt and accessorize it with one of our favourite micro Drawstring Bucket Bags for a standout day-to-day fashion piece.


Get the Look: Oversized Shirt Dress With Waist Belt | Bag Drawstring Bucket Bag



Get the Look: Dress Oversized V-Neck A-Line Dress | Bag Cross Handle Mini Purse | Earrings Asymmetrical Crystal Beads Earrings




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