Shell Perfume Hand Pumkini



Sweet Pumpkin | Shiso Leaf | Coconut Milk

The pure and sweet scent of white pumpkin is mixed with the unique greenness of perilla leaves and blood oranges, resulting in a pleasant surprise. The rich and thick pumpkin scent, along with the spiciness of ginger, creates a unique harmony, and the following scent of creamy coconut milk and soft sandalwood creates a subtle afterimage, drawing a deep aftertaste.

As a fragrant hand cream that doubles as perfume, PERFUME SHELL X absorbs quickly into dry and delicate hands. The formula has a fresh, light, and non-sticky texture that provides rich nutrients while emanating a captivating scent. Soothing weary hands exposed to daily harshness with comforting hydration, Perfume Shell X leaves your skin soft and supple with a moist sheen.

With a design inspired by a shell sifted from sand, each packaging of PERFUME SHELL X has its own unique pattern. Products come in various colors, evoking the diverse sensation of each scent.

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